Learning To Blow A single Note Harmonica Lesson

Nail A Single Note Harmonica Lesson

This Harmonica lesson for beginners shows you how to make a single note on the harmonica. This is the first ordeal for the would be harmonica player. Watch this video and with a little patience you can be blowing a single note in no time at all.

The scale of doh re mi fa so la ti do starts at hole 4 and goes like this. The scale covers just 4 holes.
Blow4  Draw4 | Blow5 Draw5  | Blow6  Draw6 | Draw7 Blow7
Once you have run through this harmonica lesson you can easily, with a little practise, play simple melodies in the first position.
Many would be harmonica players never have the patience to learn the technique of blowing a single note on the harmonica. It is a shame really because all it requires is tilting the angle of the harmonica once it is in your mouth. There is another way to achieve a single note and that is by positioning your mouth over the hole so that your tongue blocks the holes which are not required, this technique is more advanced.

The harmonica used in this lesson was a Low ‘F’ harmonica. The exercise will work just as well with any harmonica.

5 Responses to “Learning To Blow A single Note Harmonica Lesson”

  • Steve:

    Nice video, this really helped me blow a single note.

  • That ended up being a good posting. We couldn’t agree more with your sentiments. Thanks for the hard work.

  • kitty:

    Thanks a great help to a frustrated beginner

  • Vale:

    Wow 😀 i spend weeks on trying to get single notes and now i find your video and just like this the notes keep beeing solo 😀 thanks really! 😀

  • Chris:

    Hi and thank you so much for that. I have been learning for 2 years and you taught me in 1 simple video more than the other professional online teachers have. Why do not the other teachers show us this method? Truly an amazing tip to playing a single note. I am forever grateful for that lesson. IT WORKS PERFECTLY

    Chris- Australia

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